CCM Ministry

Congregational Care Ministers

At Resurrection we strive to do ministry with excellence. One way we provide excellent ministry is in the partnership between our CCMs and our pastors.  With a congregation of our size, we rely on trained CCMs to serve with each of our pastors and staff in Congregational Care in making hospital visits, following up on prayer requests, providing one-on-one support for those going through a difficult issue, and much more.

What is a CCM?

Congregational Care Ministers are lay volunteers specifically trained to work alongside pastors and staff to minister to and care for our congregation. Once an applicant is accepted to the team, training is provided based on Pastor Karen’s book The Caring Congregation, which serves as a manual to guide us, to organize our congregations for care and to equip people to listen, visit, comfort and encourage congregants.

CCMs make hospital visits, call people in need of contact, meet one-on-one with those in need of a listening ear for prayer and encouragement, offer support to grieving families, proactively seek to encourage and care for persons in need and much more. CCMs are assigned to a pastor based on the worship service they typically attend, and they work together as a team.  While there is a wide variety of duties a CCM can do, most serve in areas where they feel most gifted.

Our training covers topics such as Organizational Development, Theology of Care, Boundaries and Ethical Practices, Listening, Older Adult Ministry, Hospital Visits, Death and Prayer.

What are the CCM Requirements?

CCMs must…

…have completed at least one year of Disciple Bible Study 

…have been active members of the Church of the Resurrection for at least three years.

…fulfill the four expectations of our members:

  • Attend worship each weekend except when sick or out of town
  • Actively pursue growth in the Christian life through participation in a small group or some other form of Christian discipleship
  • Serve God with their time in the ministry of the church
  • Give financially in proportion to one’s income, with the tithe being the goal

…be interviewed by a pastor and church staff member to discuss the philosophy, motivations and responsibilities of becoming a Congregational Care Minister.

…complete the Congregational Care Ministers Training Course. This six-week course includes information on Sacred Spaces, Wesleyan Care, Hospital Visits, Boundaries, Counseling, Prayer, and Ministry to the Frail and Dying. Time and location for this course will be announced after the interview process.

…receive the United Methodist Church’s Safe Gatherings certification. This training is available online. Learn more on our Safe Gatherings page.

…agree to and sign the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Volunteer Leader Covenant. As leaders, we set the tone and pace for the entire congregation. We shape the heart, character and life of this Christian community, so it is vital that we walk the Christian walk. Spiritually healthy leaders will produce a spiritually healthy church. With this in mind, this covenant was developed to guide our life together as leaders. We use these standards to hold ourselves accountable to pursuing the Christian life, and in so doing, we recognize that it is God’s grace which calls forth our faithful response and it is God’s grace which brings such transformation in our lives.

…commit at least three hours per week to this ministry.

If you are interested in being a Congregational Care Minister, please complete and return this application to the Congregational Care Office. You can email your application to